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No Kiss From Winter This Year

This artwork appears in The History of Dying Stars, a book of poetry and art by Oscar S. Cisneros. A limited edition run of 10 prints on high end archival fine art paper is available for purchase directly from the author.

13.25" x 20"
$150 + $20 s&h

No Kiss From Winter This Year

No Kiss From Winter This Year

Artist Name: Carol Jahshan
Type Of Artwork: Photo Illustration
Artist Bio: Carol Jahshan is a Lebanese American clinical psychologist and artist. Dr. Jahshan conducts research on schizophrenia and spends most of her free time behind and in front of the camera lens. Her passion is to create striking images that challenge the mainstream and encourage self-expression. She lives and works in West Los Angeles.



Copyright © 2011 Oscar S. Cisneros.