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The Parade Of Broken Toys

This artwork appears in The History of Dying Stars, a book of poetry and art by Oscar S. Cisneros. A limited edition run of 10 prints on high end archival fine art paper is available for purchase directly from the author.

11.84" x 20"
$150 + $20 s&h

The Parade Of Broken Toys

The Parade Of Broken Toys

Artist Name: Jihye Lee
Type Of Artwork: Digital Illustration
Artist Bio: Jihye Lee is a soon-to-be graduate of Art Center College of Design, majoring in Entertainment Arts. An avid gamer, comic book reader, and an all-around equal-opportunity nerd, she lives happily in Los Angeles balancing school and freelance work.
Artist URL: http://jihyeleeart.tumblr.com/


Copyright © 2011 Oscar S. Cisneros.